I didn’t realize I hadn’t picked up my eye liner till the very last minute when we had to step out.

I barely use makeup lately (more out of neglect than conscious choice or aversion) so mascara and eyeliner are my life saver and I won’t go out without a little definition to my eyes!

So there, in front of the mirror, I stood wondering what to do…


I figured if I only I had some sort of thin object to swipe some of the black sticky liquid off my mascara unto my eyelids…I searched and the only object I had, was a hair pin. Now this method is 100% unorthodox, requires skill and generally not very glamorous but works.

I grabbed my hair pin, got some liquid off the mascara with the very tip of the pin, which was actually balled up than flat. Then carefully, I got it unto my eyelids, repeating as often as I needed to. It was my best option at the time and it turned out quite nicely to be honest.


So next time you run out or forget to pack like I did, instead of fussing and risking an incomplete look, you can try out this trick. My only advice? Use a different applicator – no hair pins – maybe a liner brush or an empty eyeliner tip. And if you must, be sure the hair pin has that ball-like covering over the rough metal edge.



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