A breath of fresh air! Emmy Collins S/S14 Collection



How good it feels to wake up this cold morning; everything synchronized – air, traffic, breakfast – do you notice how less hectic everything seems when the sun isn’t at its glaring best?

I saw Emmy’s tweets (there, I said Emmy – like we been friends from when!), followed up on link and yes, was impressed with what I saw. To a trained eye, the attention to detail in this collection has been paramount! I sense a ‘catering-for-all’ approach with ankara print, paisley, gingham, checkered, and that white classic with an asymmetric spin.

I can’t fully agree that it is fashion forward, but in terms of longevity, his assertion  “I wouldn’t design a garment that a client would invest a king’s ransom on and then discard only a few months after simply because it has gone out of trend” earned the collection its name; TIMELESS.








Emmy Collins’ Spring/Summer2014 Collection is excellent and his critics would be knackered!
Photography: Kelechi Amadi-Obi

Affordable? Check out prices here


Any thoughts?

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