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I’ve come to love the crisp narratives of Hemingway, to seek the wisdom of the ‘Alchemist’ to listen to my heart, to learn to move with the grace of Gisele Bundchen and allow myself a ferrero rocher when I can. I’m learning to live simple. To greet each as his own and to be thankful for the love god brings my way. Each time you read something on here, that inspires or intrigues; I hope you realize then, that that random chic is just – one in many

Initially, I wanted a platform to share my thoughts and practice my writing. Then I saw myself gravitating towards fashion, photography and art, generally. I enjoy reading, sharing articles and allowing my readers a peek into my life. I hope this blog inspires, entertains and expresses to some extent, all of who I am.

Thanks for reading!


about me-lorawords


26 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. ur blog is just out of the world. I am just very proud of u. I just can’t wait to be ur friend. I just hope we start up with samthing proper-like. just hope to hear from u soon.


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  5. hi olu Im so happy that it has finally come to Africa thanks to you all i would love to know is how do i become a participant and should o go and thanks again


    • For all those wanting to know the various audition dates for ANTM, you can subscribe to my blog by email for updates. In a couple of weeks I should be providing details on casting calls.

      I’ll also advice that you create an email alert for auditions for ANTM.

      Fingers crossed..best wishes & good luck!! x


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