What’s yellow, boxy, sporty and futuristic?

No, not sponge bob.

I’m talking H by Hakaan Yildrim.


This spongebob analogy is by no means the reflection of my appreciation for Hakaan’s SS15 collection. Certainly spongebob possesses none of the finesse of handmade beading, signature hexagon detailing or cut-outs of any kind. I won’t drag this out, lest spongebob receives prominence in this review when really, all I want to do is invite you to ravish in Hakaan’s Spring/Summer 15 collection which showcased at the just ended London Fashion Week.

It was the last show of the week and when models came trotting in structured pieces with mighty cut-outs, it was apparent something was taking place – the bright colors, the boxy, sporty appeal and how it easily translates to sexy is quite an art and an extraordinary thing.


If a closer peek is what it takes to stir your senses and stimulate appreciation for this work of art, then scroll on. You’ll find that even the zippers weren’t left out in the execution of the bee-themed collection.


One of the gifts of fashion week, is the opportunity to acquaint yourself with something new, to spot trends that you can swear would blossom and have moments like this where all of the bits of crazy you periodically imagine; flying saucers for hats, meshed glasses and screw type bolts for stitches come together in a wearable way.




Throw practical out of the window. I think the Turkish designer (who debuted as Yildrim in 2011) is ridiculous and exciting! Just like the buzzing bees he mirrored this collection after.

image credit: moduspiblicity, tumblr, wwd 


Any thoughts?

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