Enkoyie kwraa!! David Oscar

David Oscar and ‘Laugh a Minute’ on Viasat1

Intro: I always laugh anytime I watch ‘Laugh A Minute’ on Viasat1, not because the show is funny but because of the hullabaloo concerning the presenter of that show.

Seriously, I thought I was the only one who did not find anything David Oscar does funny! I feel no strong urge to state what I personally think about him! So I compiled a few comments from around gh..

Date: 2010-11-10 12:34:01
Comment:Yeah agree with you

my wife and i mute the tv anytime he comes so we would enjoy the videos without his bland and rude interjection. He is just a complete idiot.

Author: Stella
Date:2010-11-15 09:39:17
Comment:Ghanaian Comedian David Oscar Is A Complete Joke

All that you’ve said is true. I think he’s been faking to be funny whilst he’s not. In fact, his show is the most boring  show on Viasat 1. David, STOP FAKING AND BE REAL, IF YOU ARE NOT FUNNY NOBODY IS FORCING YOU TO BE A COMEDIAN! STOP WASTING PRECIOUS AIR TIME.

Author:Tainese (Man from Tain)
Date:2010-11-12 12:48:20
Comment:Ghanaian Comedian David Oscar Is A Complete Joke

The guy is not articulate, he talks so fast one can hardly understand what he’s mumbling. He’s not funny. He doesn’t have the traits of a good comedian. You don’t learn to be a comedian. It’s talent given by God. The programme is just plain boring. Full stop!

Date:2010-11-11 13:48:58
Comment:Ghanaian Comedian David Oscar, Banned Forever!

Comedians are naturally gifted. If u have it, u have it and if u don’t have it, u don’t! David just doesn’t have it.period!!! I think he should consider another profession.

U see?? I really didn’t have to state my opinion after all!! They’ve said all but one…he lacks originality 🙂

*enkoyie – Ghanaian popularized saying, when things don’t work out, as expected*

7 thoughts on “Enkoyie kwraa!! David Oscar

  1. honestly comedy is subjective….well i see where the critics are coming from..perhaps he is not so good in oral comedy but can be unbeatable as far other kinds of acting comedy is concerned..so dont call of the shots like that…a little more time and some innovation to the program will add some spice to it


    • That’s an interesting point of view. I think that, in both acting and oral comedy, he doesn’t come off as a comedian, but someone struggling to be a comedian. I think more time would only get more people irritated


  2. I did not find a YouTube video of this guy to appreciate him. Some other day perhaps.

    I suggest you add “Postaday2011” as tag to this post. This could remind you to start preparing for next post. 🙂


    • Ah! already forgotten..thanks for reminding me that I’m ‘Postingaday2011’ 😉

      but on second thoughts…I could just go back and delete the ‘Postaday2011’ post, and pretend I never signed up for it 🙂


  3. Ah ah! What kind of idea be this now?

    Please fasten your belt and try persevere. January never go half way and you want resign?

    I beg don’t do that… We are among the few Africans in this challenge. Make we try my sister. Abi!

    I’m expecting you January 13 post 😉


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