I will try FRINGE: A full fledged Kaba and Slit isn’t my style


I’m never one to fuss over fringe. Where I come from, maximum value must be obtained from whatever you buy. I can see one of my auntie’s cringe at the thought of buying an expensive material and shredding it in the name of ‘fashion’.  A full fledged Kaba and Slit is maximum value and use of cloth.

I can’t help but notice the cocky elements of fringe as I swapthrough Vogue’s  issues (January – May 2015)  From fringe purses to skirts, sleeves etc Vogue has simply assailed me.  I must admit, it is tempting to think of owning something that dangles with every breeze as nothing in my personal style and choice of clothing ever favors loose, free, anything.

As thrilled as I am by the idea of trying something new, I see myself fussing and trying to prevent flying strands of cloth from brushing people’s faces if I stood too close, should I be wearing fringe. Perhaps fringe on the lower part of my body might suffice?  Wait, what if my heels get caught on them? The longer I think this out, the more irrational the fears are, that come to mind.

I have seen certain fringe outfits that seem to have a sort of structure and firmness. Those definitely have me considering a visit to my tailor.

Might you want to risk fringe, here are few inspiration I drew from African designer lookbooks. If you aren’t fringe shy, do tell how you rocked this trend.


Clean and Crisp – Re Bahia’s S/S15 Lookbook

Re-Bahia-NG-Coup-dé·Tat-Collection-lorawords01 Think cupcakes – vanilla cupcake with a perfect twirl of whipped cream, sprinkles in the crane of each twirl or deliberately sitting on the naked pastry – as though painstakingly placed – sprinkle after sprinkle, smiling at you through the window of that bake shop. Why does that seem more attractive than your freshly baked batch sitting on your kitchen counter? Finishing is everything. I’m delighted to find Nigerian Label Re Bahia which I discovered last year is holding fast to the clean, simple silhouettes it’s noted for. This S/S ’15 collection Coup d’état magnifies white. While this doesn’t necessarily blow me away (my bathroom walls are white) I’m intrigued by the cuts, silhouettes and general minimalist feel of the lookbook even with the inclusion of prints. It seems effortless and I agree the designer, Orire Omatsola’s wish for “the innocence that has been lost in an era of freedom” is well manifested in this collection. While it isn’t fluffy and light as a cupcake (you wouldn’t want your clothes to be) it holds the promise of the ‘light-up’ quality of those vanilla flavored pastries. I look forward to more years of awesome wearable designs from this label. Here are my favorite looks… Re-Bahia-NG-Coup-dé·Tat-Collection-lorawordsRe-Bahia-NG-Coup-dé·Tat-Collection-lorawords-04Re-Bahia-NG-Coup-dé·Tat-Collection-lorawords-05 Re-Bahia-NG-Coup-dé·Tat-Collection-lorawords-02

Photo Credits
Photography: Lakin Ogunbanwo (Instagram: @LakinOgunwanwo)
Stylist: Bubu Ogisi (Instagram: @BubuOgisi)
Makeup Artist: Dodos Uvieghara (Instagram: @iamdodos)
Creative Director: Orire Omatsola (Instagram: @OrireO)

A breath of fresh air! Emmy Collins S/S14 Collection



How good it feels to wake up this cold morning; everything synchronized – air, traffic, breakfast – do you notice how less hectic everything seems when the sun isn’t at its glaring best?

I saw Emmy’s tweets (there, I said Emmy – like we been friends from when!), followed up on link and yes, was impressed with what I saw. To a trained eye, the attention to detail in this collection has been paramount! I sense a ‘catering-for-all’ approach with ankara print, paisley, gingham, checkered, and that white classic with an asymmetric spin.

I can’t fully agree that it is fashion forward, but in terms of longevity, his assertion  “I wouldn’t design a garment that a client would invest a king’s ransom on and then discard only a few months after simply because it has gone out of trend” earned the collection its name; TIMELESS.








Emmy Collins’ Spring/Summer2014 Collection is excellent and his critics would be knackered!
Photography: Kelechi Amadi-Obi

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