Plaisir de vous recontrer Lanre da Silva!



lorawords1With my eyelids gently pulled close, I felt every movement of the brush; the smooth sweep of eye-shadow on places where creases would have been, if eyes were open. I found that my excitement had simmered into what was now passive bliss thinking of the sleep climbing up my spine.

As I waited beneath a beaded dress, textured from materials I knew little of, I forgot to rehearse the questions I promised to ask Lanre da Silva Ajayi, if we ever met. And we were meeting in 5 mins! I run my fingers over the dress, head bowed in awe and Macklemore freaking AWESOMMMEEE!!! singing. I missed her entrance. But soon, I was zipped up in one of her pieces, standing to her side at the pool, photographer ready to shoot the interview for CNN. I had merely said hi… all questions forgotten as I listened to her explain to Marina of Vogue Italia the elements of that one piece I had on.

As I changed into my fourth dress, I asked Femi, who is sister and business partners with Lanre the one question my mind recalled ‘how did Lanre come up with that beaded face on the ankara with cig in mouth?’
‘Lanre is crazy. She wakes up with all these crazy ideas…’
‘Did she do it herself?”
‘No. she sketched and explained exactly what she wanted.’

We knew with every hue to the darkening sky, the interview would have to be wrapped and cocktail begun. Finger foods came in unannounced- Naa, Lamisi and I, crazy dashed for a platter, licking sauce off our fingers and complaining still of hunger. It was a beautiful night lit with music and spoken word, with the fashion savvy treated to designs by PISTIS and on display, Heel the World products. Lanre squatted in greeting to every elder client and when we finally spoke again, she asked ‘how do you feel in the dress?’ I beamed and said it was wonderful. I was  in this laser cut blue dress (image above), I called buba, buba dress. Felt so good to touch and super comfy!

I’ve always understood why she’s an authority on the global scene, but after we met, I knew why.
Plaisir de vous recontrer Lanre & Femi!

Enjoy the lookbook from her recent collection COLOR STORM and a few of my favorite from past collections…











Information on designer here


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