For fashion stylists, multi-tasking is a daily affair. You find yourself navigating through trends, keeping a tab on the latest collection, paying attention to details, your client as their style evolves and getting dirty with boutiques and designers. As pressure mounts and confidence wavers, every creative listens for one thing; muting all other voices till intuition surfaces. In that span of time, the spirit knows best.

Read, as top Nigerian celebrity stylist, Veronica Ebie-Odeka narrates her journey and experience, and together with fierce fashion icon and former beauty queen, Munachi Abii, cover WOW MAGAZINE’s BIG FASHION ISSUE. The duo represents everything eccentric in the Nigerian fashion industry. This edition of WOW is packed with over 160 pages of exciting fashion, featuring prominent designers from Nigeria and all over the world.  Find out here, where you can buy a copy.

wow-magazine-cover-lorawords1wow-magazine-cover-lorawords12wow-magazine-cover-lorawords141wow-magazine-cover-lorawords1211wow-magazine-cover-lorawords151wow-magazine-cover-lorawords161wow-magazine-cover-lorawords131wow-magazine-cover-lorawords171Photography by Obi Somto
Styled by Adebayo Oke-lawal
Assisted by Eseohen Giwa-Amu
Make Up by Tinuke for BM Pro
Hair by Ola Hair


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