It’s another weekend already and even though my weekend is just starting, I feel entirely grateful for the peace of staying at home, skimming through a novel I’m almost done reading and just taking it easy.

This week has been a lot productive. I installed this app on my Xperia P and it constantly reminds me of the tasks on my to-do-list, even to the point of annoyance. But I guess I need that sometimes.

Again, I went for a casting, which turned out to be a ‘CEO’ searching for models to ‘place at vantage points’ (in the sense of artifacts) to ‘add life and beauty to the event’. He totally lost me when he pulled out a super tight bodycon dress I was required to squeeze into. The upside is, I discovered I’m almost a dress size 6 ๐Ÿ™‚

After calling up my friends in a bid to calm my nerves while waiting for some lab test, I thought it wise to indulge my girlfriend in a weight check/loss discussion. But the doctor shocked me when he (without prior notice) launched into a how-difficult-life-was-those-days, carrying-trunks-walking-barefoot talk, climaxing with a fatherly advice on living. Usually I ignore talks like these but there was something about his smile, his eyes, that made me warm up and smile too. I felt taken care of.

What excites me about this week especially, is the fact that I consciously decided to live in the now, narrow my focus to the project at hand and stop procrastinating. I had to remind myself continually.

Now, all I want, all I want, is to be in bed, to be in bed all day, all night. And to feel the warm glow of the sun on my skin, on a Sunday evening. To hear the sea rumble, to get lost in a world so perfect. And to wake up and find Jason Mraz staring down on me with his guitar. Or, I could make myself some jollof and go to church.

Enjoy your weekend! xXx

Any thoughts?

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