Beautiful Concept Photos by NYC Fine Art Photographer Ben Zank


I saw these amazing shots by Benjamin Zank via my Flipboard. He’s a young Fine Art Photographer based in New York City. According to PetaPixel;

He caught the photography bug a few years ago, at the age of 18, after picking up a Pentax ME Super 35mm film SLR from the attic of his grandmother’s house, and has been creating incredible concept images ever since.

Zank graduated recently from the SUNY Purchase with a degree in journalism. In recent years, he has been working on a 365 Project through his Flickr account, where he regularly posts surreal images with simple ideas. Many of the images are self portraits, and they’re often inspired by the work of photographer Rodney Smith.

Here is a collection of his work:
beautiful-concept-photos-lorawords1 beautiful-concept-photos-lorawords2 beautiful-concept-photos-lorawords3


beautiful-concept-photos-lorawords6 beautiful-concept-photos-lorawords7photo credite: petapixel

Any thoughts?

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