DSC_7889When the weekend wounds up, as is my custom, I try to reflect and find or (rarely) create some inspiration to share with my readers. This weekend, I’m tired, and frankly still puzzled by my mum’s inconsistent display of ‘affection’, which for whatever reason (I wasn’t thinking menopause)  ranged from anger-sympathy-triumph-love-anger again.

So yesterday, I was at a model casting; my hair was flying around my face, heels and portfolio absent and generally ill-prepared. But I really needed that extra $$$ (if I got booked). I tried to focus on filling out my basic stats but kept getting distracted by the designer and her ‘company’. They giggled at posses, said a word or two about one model or the other, ALL WITHIN EAR SHOT. They seemed pretty amused. I decided I wasn’t going to let my mind linger on mediocre, unprofessional, and words as such. I reminded myself: thou needereth the money. yeah, that’s the highlight. You expected more? :/ Oh here’s something; I read a bunch of sites and came across a really amazing blogger, an easy-step hair-do and an online boutique stacked with all of my heart desires (well, almost all) I’ll be sharing these somewhere during the week. My weekend was really bland and devoid of the usual thrills of hanging out or laughing off family guy.

H O W     D I D     Y O U R      W E E K E N D     G O?


<P.S I spent a mighty amount of time making faces and obsessing with myself before leaving home. Check out the pics 0:-) >


3 thoughts on “MY WEEKEND POST

  1. We are currently casting for female models to work in South Florida for PAID editorial work modeling jewelry. Lifestyle models. Please submit at least 3 photos, measurements, and contact info to gage@gagetalent. P.S.–could be a reoccurring gig if they like you!


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