5 kinds of Women| 5 Ghanaian labels to keep you warm




  1.  Housewife /day-off /recently ditched /loner /home-on-vacation


Wake up to a dreamy morning of g-strings and an over-sized sweater. There is no way I’ll wear a bra beneath this cotton pack. Love April’s over-sized tribalism is everything a loner wants in a man; comfort, security, love, warmth. Did I say everything? Oh, I assumed pleasure was well in place 😉

2. A-gamer /power-suit /career oriented 
You know this type of woman and you know if you’re one. Don’t fret, I won’t call you stuck-up, you actually make the fashion world swirl with your unconscious love for androgyny and uniforms. You could switch up the equation and do Mina Evans proud with a print skirt &print blazer.

3. Campus chic /student of some sort /girls girls /staple clothe
Hmm…I can’t tell you how to switch it up (only God knows if you aren’t already hooked on fashion forward trends) but, I could introduce you to the Akaatasia DenimMafia. It is your-standout denim blazer. If ‘standing-out’ isn’t the biggest thing with campus fashion, then I’ll need to go back to the basics of style spotting.


4. Big-girl /playing the part /ultimate gf /curvy diva /dressed up always
I understand if it’s your place to constantly show some legs. Everyone’s destiny differs. I’m impressed if those legs will have to go bare, how dare the weather! Showing off our curves is basic to who we are (as women) and Peachy Purr does it better with ‘surprise elements’ like that slash in the back of this floral top.

5. Rebel /Daddy’s-wardrobe-raider /tomboy
I call these the comfy-sueded unisex shoes. Horseman definitely intended it for men but if you’re a rebel at heart, with a dislike for routines and labels, then you’re totally getting hooked on these comfy pair. They can easily replace your oxfords and not look entirely odd. Pair it off with denim skinnies or floral dress and your feet will be thankful for less blisters from hours of ill-fitting heels.



Any thoughts?

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