“if you want someone to fall in love with you, you would cook them something very different, something perfectly simple but intense. Something that shows you understand their soul”


How can I convince you to read a book with such a title? How about a taste of Bruno’s frutti di mare on a warm Sunday, admiring the lazy waves hitting the shore and keeping an eye on Tomasso’s display of culinary art? Or would you rather walk through the crowded markets of Florence and take in the smell of fresh foods? If that doesn’t do it for you, a thorough tour of Italy, starting with a drive from Rome’s classic Templi restaurant (where you’ll have to seek written permission to be booked) through the family sized coffee shops in Florence, Tuscan, and then the Parma country side with heavy blue cheese and young truffles for your tasting pleasure should do. Or on a practical note, you could update your cookery book with new detailed recipes whiles peeking into the sexual kink of Roman lovers.

This novel by Anthony Capella is for food lovers and romantics, and for people who have watched MasterChef long enough ;).  Anthony Capella does a good job of capturing Italy in its entirety; classic, bourgeois, rugged, ignorant and even vulnerable. You get to experience the lives and taste of this intimate city blended perfectly with a love story of an American woman, Laura, doing a year abroad in Italy. She falls in love with her very Roman Tomasso, who turns out to be who he’s not. Tomasso’s friend Bruno, chef extraordinaire, falls for Laura as well, but decides not to compete with his friend. Laura gets to know she’s deceived and after a couple of downward spirals, Bruno and Laura find love in the most dramatic way. Yup dramatic.

I got carried away by the narration, skipped a couple of pages that seemed to drag, looked up a few Italian words and generally drifted off into Bruno’s world; his love of food and enticing menu choice. I want to visit Italy now, more than ever. It’s a good read and I hope it makes you as happy/horny as I felt. 😀

Purchased at the Ghana Book Trust, East Legon
you can get a kindle version here
or order a paper back from here 

Any thoughts?

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