Oheneba Nana Yaw Boamah, brand owner and designer of the Abrantie Menswear Label, delves into future goals and the history behind his brand. In a few years, he expects to see the Abrantie label replace anything that means elegance, class, quality and style when a good-looking African man is mentioned in Ghana and beyond. The word ‘Abrantie’ simply mean ‘Gentleman’ which evokes an image of a well-mannered, well-dressed and elegant man.
BOLD MEN @ work

522586_133151856859223_1415995392_nWhat inspired this collection?
The thought of seeing men in well-tailored, elegant and classy outfits that are, most importantly African in appearance.

 How do you envision standing-out of the current return-to-African prints frenzy?
The Abrantie brand has a team with fore knowledge in designing African print material after working for companies like Tex-styles Ghana Limited (GTP) and Ghana textiles Manufacturing Company. Abrantie is working on its own collection of African Prints designs. Eventually, all Abrantie outfits will be made from our custom-made prints thus making it unique in itself.

What’s been your core challenge?
High cost of the African textile which we all know is due to the high cost of raw materials coupled with the major challenge of dumsor-dumsor power supply in the country recently.

Should we be expecting a showcase of your BoB Shorts Stylecollection on runways this
There are few fashion show invitations in the pipeline and we are also working on our new collection for the Abrantie brand which will be seen on runways soon.

What should buyers expect over the next 3 months?
For now, buyers should keep ordering the AHURUM, AL’FANCY and KENTEN pants collections and expect Abrantie range of underwear (boxer line). Another surprise line follows soon after.

Would you say that your Ad campaign has attracted some measure of attention and feedback?
It has given the brand the needed attention and most orders coming through revolve around the outfits displayed in the Ad campaign.

What is your favorite piece in the collection?

It will be difficult to point out a particular piece as favorite because every  piece comes with its unique appeal and purpose. But I can say the “KENTEN” pants stands out due to the rich culture and heritage behind KENTE in general.

The KENTEN(Our Kente Pants) literally meaning ‘basket’. Kente comes from the word kenten since both are woven. The collection prints are of dazzling, multicolored patterns of bright colors, geometric shapes, and bold designs.

The Royal Look


How accessible are your outfits?
For now, it is well-tailored bespoke made on order through our http://www.facebook.com/Abrantiemovement,
email: abrantiemovement@yahoo.com
OR call: +233(0) 24 4694389.
We deliver within period of days depending on arrangement. We also have some selected stores that would soon display our ready to wear collection.

Ck All Fancy Classic Style


I’m Oheneba Nana Yaw Boamah, a creative person into design, fashion and film. I studied Industrial Arts and majored in Textiles at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Had attachment at Akosombo Textiles Ltd(ATL) whiles at the University, did my national service and worked at Tex-styles Ghana Ltd.(GTP) and Ghana Textiles manufacturing Company(GTMC) as a textile designer with lots of African print designs credits and the likes of; Ghana@50 ceremonial, Political Parties Anniversary cloths, cooperate Institutions, Schools, Banks etc. I believe in God, love His work and a very down to earth person who researchs a lot about fashion, film and Art in general.


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