GUEST POST: All Time African-American Hollywood Fashion Icons

All Time African Hollywood Fashion Icons

 Hollywood, for many, dictates the styles and fashions they choose to wear each year. Though there are a number of different actresses who stand out for their timeless high fashion sense, some seem to shine a little brighter than others. These actresses always seem to be ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion and their beauty serves as an inspiration for people everywhere. The all time African Hollywood fashion icons are Halle Berry, Jada Pinkett Smith, Dorthy Dandridge, Queen Latifah and Angela Bassett.

Halle BerryOne actress on everyone’s list of the all time African Hollywood fashion icons is Halle Berry. Halle started off her career as a beauty contestant and parlayed that early success in to an illustrious career as an actress. Halle always makes the annual best dressed lists in Hollywood due to her classical fashion sense and the fact that she is not afraid to show a little skin. Another fashion icon of African descent is Jada Pinkett Smith. She and her husband, actor Will Smith, are considered the best dressed couple in Hollywood, but Jada doesn’t need Will to shine. Jada is respected for being a fashion risk taker who loves new designers and bold colors.
Dorthy Dandridge is another timeless African American who is always mentioned for her fashion style. Dorthy had a gorgeous personal style that highlighted her stature and beauty. Dorthy’s style is one that has made her a lasting icon, even after her passing. Another women who can’t be ignored when it comes to African Hollywood fashion icons is Queen Latifah. She started out as a rapper and was considered a trend setter because of her love of fun hip hop clothing. Since moving on to acting, Queen Latifah’s style has evolved with her. Even though she doesn’t have a “typical” Hollywood body, she is always dressed in clothing that flatter her curves.

Last on the list of the all time greatest African Hollywood fashion icons is Angela Bassett. Angela gained attention playing Tina Turner early in her career. Since that time Angela has kept audiences attention, both on and off-screen, with her stunning choices in regards to roles and clothing. Angela has numerous high power designers contact her each award season hoping to get her to appear on the red carpet in one of their gowns.

Though all of the women on the list of the best all time African Hollywood fashion icons got their starts in different ways, from starting out on television to roles in plays at places like the New London Theatre, one thing they all have in common is their fabulous fashion sense and their ability to stand out in a crowd filled with beautiful women.

author: Kate Lawson, box office UK

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