I’m writing this post as a follow-up on a tomboy article I did last year. I realized most people have been googling and checking for it on my blog so I thought, what better time to update than now? I’m not quite sure why tomboy is the most-read on my blog;  perhaps more people are getting in touch with their androgynous self or coming out of the closet OR bored-stiff with pretty dresses. Here are hot trends (2013 trends of course) if you’re looking to add a little bit of boyish to your closet.

Tomboy hair is evolving from the short spiky and shaved head to classic bobs, half-shaved, all-back ponytail, smooth-pulled-back mohawk, shoulder length waves, and rocking long flowy hair! Most of these style don’t require drastic changes to your hair, so if you’ve been freaking out about cutting your hair to look tomboy, you have options now.

tomboy hair trends 2013

side-pulled back mohawk

smooth-pulled back mohawk



On the subject of pants, I’ve seen top designers show-off knee-length shorts with stunning brazers. It’s okay to wear one of those If you’re going for a strictly tomboy look. But If you just want to flirt with the boyish in you, you can wear a ‘mini-shorts’ (I’m not sure the name for those), flats or sneakers and still look tomboy. It will help if the shorts are loosely worn. The first picture is my very own ensemble 🙂
my very own ensemble

xutra by Christie Brown

xutra by Christie Brown

Knee-length shorts

Knee-length shorts

street style paris fashion week (left)

street style paris fashion week (left)

Paul Smith S/S12-13

Paul Smith S/S12-13

mens crewneck sweatshirt & moto leather pants

mens crewneck sweatshirt & moto leather pants

Sneakers, booties, wedges! There is yet another addition to the tomboy rack this season, the heelless shoes! These heelless shoes are arguably tomboy-worth and great to incorporate, especially since tomboy fashion is generally becoming more refined. If you can afford to buy them, don’t waste a minute doubting. These are my top five studded picks for the season.






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