STYLE: Feeling Inadequate? Ridiculous ways to BOOST that self-esteem

2311_1078600You’re at an event with all the fabulous clothes and glamour; yet you feel you don’t look good enough. What do you do when insecurity sets in and your self-esteem comes crumbling down? Consider these ridiculous suggestions 🙂

1. Admit it. Allow it.
Admit that you’re feeling insecure and let the feeling sink in. (That’s the easiest way to let it go because the more you fight against that feeling, the more pronounced it becomes) Remember all the wonderful quotes on self-loving? This is when to pull them out.

2. Find something to laugh about.
It’s cruel but it works.Look at the crowd, try to spot any wardrobe malfunctions and laugh it off. It might be difficult at first, considering the fact that you’re having trouble appreciating your own outfit.  Just keep laughing (it will feel forced initially) but do it till you end up laughing at yourself for trying to laugh at something that’s not funny. Let your mind travel, don’t be scared to go Fashion Police on them.

3. Dash to the ladies room.
Only do this when you feel an ounce better about yourself. Put on some mascara, redo your lipstick and tell yourself you look good.

4. Distraction: Chat your insecurity away.
Distract yourself from getting over-whelmed by what you’re feeling. Shove it aside and chat with your friends. Another way is to really focus on the reason for the event. If it’s a fashion show, get your mind on the runway and criticize the designs. If it’s a family gathering or an all-girls night out, get yourself into the conversation and bring out old files of good times and difficult moments.

5. Take a deep breath and a shot!
Throw your emotions off with a deep breath. Repeat it till you feel relaxed and if you still can’t get your mind off, take a shot! (of course it should be tequila!) 😉

One thought on “STYLE: Feeling Inadequate? Ridiculous ways to BOOST that self-esteem

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