“Ghanaians are trying to dress like people in the western world. Be true to yourself and dress like Ghanaians”

I came across this random comment online today and it struck me! For long, I’ve tried to understand the real issue behind the ‘IF YOU’RE AFRICAN, DRESS LIKE ONE!!’ perception. It’s really super complicated. How do Africans dress like? 0_o?? Hair, clothes, makeup, what symbolizes Africa and what doesn’t? I’m I less African because I permed my hair and have hair extensions in it?? Does it matter that my wardrobe has been deprived of African Prints?

sometimes, it’s simply different shades of ‘black’ – Lira (South African singer) & Brandy (African American)

There are so many sides to the ‘being more African debate’ but when it’s narrowed to fashion, I like to call it ‘sense of style or the lack of it’! Whether its going along with popular trends ( color block, animal print, neon brights), creating your own, ‘I-wear-whatever-I-feel-comfortable-in-trend or simply going all out with African print fabrics.  The liberty to express yourself with fashion shouldn’t come with shackles. Now, if you’re in hot steamy Africa (especially Ghana) and you decide to wear leather jacket or pants, that is definitely a non-African element. Unless of course the leather is perforated (LOL)

Let’s engage ourselves, what makes one more or less African? Share your thoughts. Are you a ‘natural hair’ advocate? Is this even a valid debate? Would you ever question someone’s commitment to their culture based on their outfit?

NB: Black is beautiful, really…and the many variations of it!  Stay fabulous!! xoXO

….more photos (eye candy purposes only 😉 )

credit: Afrodesiac Worldwide

would you classify this as one of the ‘not African’ outfit?



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