Rock those Heels (but comfortably)

No matter what kinda heel you’re into (super high, medium, platforms), there are a couple of tricks to help you feel comfortable in that sexy heel you wouldn’t let go…two quick tips;

1. Truth Approach: First thing, If you spot a cute heel that’s not your size, PLEASE let it slide! Don’t try to squeeze-in your feet where they don’t belong! A big NO-NO! 

EXPERIMENT: Decide on the kinda heel you feel most comfortable in. It’s okay to love heels but don’t be caught in the mad rush for any kind of heel. If you just can’t seem to walk right in your simple pump with all the practice and all(but you still wanna look fly in heels), I suggest you try on Platforms. They are equally sexy and also, because of the added platform to the base of the shoe, its usually more comfortable to walk in.

2. Dare Approach: If you still wanna be in that heel(pros, cons, whatever), then let’s get it more comfortable with what I call, ‘cute comfi cushion’ for the soles of your foot, the back of the heel and even the full stretch of your foot(check the image below to see what they look like)  These pads reduce excess friction (preventing sore feet) and keeps your feet in place comfortably. If your shoes are a little tight, rub some extra lotion on your feet before slidding them in.

Just like clothes, when you’re putting on that heel, keep in mind what the occasion is. You don’t wanna wear an Alexander Mcqueen crazy heel for a day in town with your girls.
…you wanna be good to your feet ‘cos without them , heels would be plain unnecessary (RealTalk) 😉

4 thoughts on “Rock those Heels (but comfortably)

  1. Some very good tips. I have followed these for a long time. No matter how cute, awesome or “must have” the heels are, if they are not the proper fit, you will not be happy.
    Thank you for sharing. 😉


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