sssshh…! Recycling is here (to stay?)

So I went by the Shopping Mall yesterday to meet a crazy bunch of chicas and came across this *trashybag* stand.  Then it clicked, I had seen similar products online, days ago…

…As I looked at the bags, I had no single tinny desire to buy  one, not even for Global Warming sake! Apart from the fact that I wasn’t very keen about the design (which was rather plain), I found myself wondering how many Ghanaians will ACTUALLY buy it. I must admit I like the concept of recycling ‘pure-water’ and ‘ice-cream’ wrappers into something useful (but how about the product of the concept?) ..It touched my heart but not my sense of style 😦
I like to think of recycling more as creating something ‘usable’ and even ‘desirable’ out of ‘everyday trash’. Ghanaians pretend to be modern and to like ‘Western Ways’ (but I guess it applies mostly to music and clothes). The point is, it’s gonna take a while for most Ghanaians to get used to the idea of carrying a *trashybag* around without feeling silly…

…do you see yourself owning one of these *trashybags* anytime soon? Reality vs Concept…let’s think out loud 😉


9 thoughts on “sssshh…! Recycling is here (to stay?)

    • lol. it will be ridiculous..all dressed up in your suit and carrying ur laptop in a trashybag. i thought about shopping too..but the bags aren’t very strong cos of the material used…


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