To satisfy, my growing obsession for nude shoots, I decided to do some more reading and more ‘research’ on nude photographer and it’s interesting the history behind ‘nude photography’! Too bad history isn’t  my favorite word. Now the real deal..

Not many Ghanaians appreciate anything that has to do with ‘nudity’. I must admit I grew up to associate the word NUDE with NEGATIVE but just like everything else, that perception is gradually fading…yep.  I came across something that had me thinking twice: ‘FINE ART NUDE PHOTOGRAPHY’. I read on and got to know that, this form of nude photography is different from ‘erotic or pornographic photography’. Fine art nude, showcases pure art; the beauty of figures, lighting, shadows and movement. Let me demonstrate with images from my new-found love, André Brito.

Ghanaians can think or pretend to think what they want but NUDITY rocks! Okay, this is getting scary! I’m beginning to sound like a ‘nudity-freak’! lol. I see myself doing some more the very near future (hehehe) some more photos from around 😉

random images – Ghanaian Emmanuel Bobbie, Andre brito


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