Hey guys, ‘I am a Lecturer’!

Throughout my years in school, we continually joke about ‘chew, pour, pass and forget.’ The Ghanaian educational system is such that, a teacher in primary school, teaching about the environment, asks ‘what is environmental studies?’ then a student replies; ‘environmental studies means learning about things around us’. the teacher would waste no time to say ‘is that what is in the text-book??!’

So right from childhood, Ghanaian students have been thought to
memorize and recite exactly what’s in the text book (equal zero
creativity). It doesn’t end just there..even in the University, a Lecturer says “I don’t like chew and pour but if you’re able to give
me everything in the book without omitting a word, why not? I’ll give you the full marks”So this Lecturer comes to class, and he
makes all the mistakes but accepts no correction, he’s highly confusing and gets angry if u ask a question. As often as he makes it for class, he is never consistent with his stand on a particular topic, he asks students questions like ‘are u a science?’ and has no regret or slightest sense of making a mistake.

I thought I was the only one, but my course mates also wonder how some people become Lecturers in the University of Ghana!(a popular argument is that Departments in the University are under-staffed). The plain truth is, the Lecturers also ‘chew, pour, pass and forget’! ..with their first class!

3 thoughts on “Hey guys, ‘I am a Lecturer’!

  1. That problem exists around the globe–preferring quotes from the textbook rather than expecting students to analyze, and come to some independent thoughts on the subject. It is more difficult to explore a topic and guide students into meaningful dialogue.


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