‘Re-mixing’ for a livelihood

I always like to think about different ways of doing the same thing. I hate to do what everyone else does, but sometimes I don’t have any option…like eating everyday(over-eating sometimes), falling in love, bathing. But where I have a choice, why not??

So I decided to blog about this two funny guys, who have found for themselves an interesting way of making money, or getting famous (‘cos I wonder if they make much from their remixes). I know this for sure, they are CREATIVE and SILLY!! I laughed my head off with the latest one they did on ‘Black and Yellow’ but my all time favorite is ‘Crank dat Soulja Boy‘ and oh yea, I like the ‘Single ladies’ too.

These duo, target the latest track that hits the market, and make it their own. Their remixes are often humorous and have a Nigerian flavor to it!! I think they’re hilarious and make the world a ‘friendlier’ place.

the duo

…a peep of their latest ‘Black and Yellow’ (Originally done by Wiz Khalifa)

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