What happened to David Oscar?? Has anybody noticed anything?

image: Viasat 1 Ghana

A couple of days (or maybe months), I blogged about viewer comments on David Oscar’s ‘Laugh a Minute’ on Viasat 1, Ghana. Somewhere last week, a reader sent a mail, to inform me that:

Finally, David Oscar cannot torment us anymore. His show has been replaced by Desperation.

I repeat. ‘I’m not a hater…but…’ According to *konkonsa (gossip), he’s gone to better his skills as a comedian. For the records, DAVID OSCAR is a Ghanaian Comedian, who has been labeled ‘Ghana’s Most Unfunny Comedian’- by Anonymous (A comedian who isn’t funny?huh?)

Hmmm…I had to verify, so I was on Viasat 1’s website, throughout the whole week, and yea, on their schedule list, ‘LAUGH A MINUTE’ is ABSENT! David Oscar replied to a comment on his facebook page about the show:

I haven’t stoped buddy. The production is on break. We are recording for second season which will start in march. Bigger and better. Just keep it locked ayt- David Oscar

I’m I supposed to say something?!

5 thoughts on “What happened to David Oscar?? Has anybody noticed anything?

  1. This is the worst program ever created on TV in Ghana….and what the heck, probably in the world! It sucks ONLY because of the kind of comedy Oscar as tried to pass off as the really funny stuff.The videos are what people watch. I wish Oscar the very best in life. Maybe he is better in other forms of artistic expression. But it does not erase the fact that the show sucks and its just plain offensive to the viewer’s intelligence. We deserve better!


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