When Intellectual Ability is Put to Test – EGYPT


credit: Google Images

As a kid, I wondered why war existed
Growing up, I was taught to call it ‘Political unrest’.
I memorized the key words; clashes, anger, Leader, civilians, police
‘Power drunk Leaders’
, a term my dumb head couldn’t explain

“My country, my country, my country.
You have my love and my heart.
My country, my country, my country,
You have my love and my heart.”

After all the promise and glee,
The leader dismisses the people’s plea;
For him to follow the law of the land,
And hand over his mantle to another.

I have many rights, but none to call ‘him’ inhuman,
for really, that is the very nature of man.
But what good is self-control, when after all the years of ‘zipping ur cock’
You unleash it, only to force it into your daughter?

Staring blankly at the consequence of selfish desires,
Doesn’t make a ‘leader’s’ actions worthy to be called ‘malicious’
But rather, plainly,  ‘foolish’!
But oh, even a foolish man has a portion of intelligence.

Instead of peace talks and protest,
A mere examination by a psychiatrist,
Should put that ‘silly’ ‘leader’ away
Then again, this is just a wish I love to wish

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