How much CREATIVITY is enough??

I cam across this site  which obviously deals in ‘lists’. From top-tech apps, to nail gurus (I guess ; ) ) but my favorite was the ’20 Weirdest Fashion Runway Trends’. I found some of them weird, yes, but I was also surprised to know how crazy some designers can get! I love crazy!!! This crazy, is way over…

20. Chainsaw Tulle Couture

Chainsaw Tulle Couture

This wacky trend was shown at the Viktor and Rolf Spring 2010 Collection. Dresses made of tulle with sections hacked out by a chainsaw! Of course Katy Perry is the only one who would wear such a dress to an awards show.

19. Hunters (and the Hunted)

Hunter and hunted

There’s something romantic about the country, especially when fashion designers show their interpretations of what you’re supposed to wear. However, we’re not even sure Elmer Fudd would be interested in this get-up by Carolina Herrera.

18. Pac Man Helmets

pac man helmets

Wacky Pac-man helmets on Giles Deacon runway at London Fashion week 2008.

17. Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz

How about Gareth Pugh collection inspired by Wizard of Oz at the London Fashion week 2008?

16. Carousel Dress

Carousel Dress

A carrousel dress for Manish Arora’s show (Spring/Summer 2009). The dress was later used by Katy Perry for MTV Europe Music Awards in UK.

15. 10 Inch Stilettos Boots

10 Inch Stilettos Boots

T Alexander McQueen’s 10-inch stilettos boots from the eccentric designer’s recent runway show.

14. Ghost


An old folklore Ghost dress is on runway at a recent fashion show.

13. Hippyish Tribal Look

Hippyish Tribal Look

The tribal look – the trend seen for Spring 2008 Fashion week with hippie head bands, crazy colors, huge cowboy hat and clowned faces.

12. Made of Card

Made of Card

Runway at Milan in Italy’s Fashion Week.

11. The Mummy

Wackiest_Fashion_Runway_Trends_The Mummy

Who knows what inspired the designer. But this sure looks like some egyptian mummy to me.


10. Spotlight Dress

Spotlight Dress

This dress is perfect one for those who want to stay under spotlight even when you’ve left the runway.

9. Micheal Jackson Dress

Micheal Jackson Dress

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac 2009 collection includes a Micheal Jackson dress and some more weirdness!

8. Anatomy Dress

Anatomy Dress

Who says fashion is not exposing?

7. Kai Ping

Kai Ping

Kai Ping designed for Honk Kong Fashion Week Fall/Winter (2009) at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibion Center in Hong Kong.

6. The Scream Man

The Scream Man

Well he was enough to make people run from the runway.

5. Expose Unexposed

Expose Unexposed

If the lady you are is exposing while not wanting to be exposed, this dress shall must spread the scent of your flirty side.

4. Thom Browne’s Dress

Thom Browne's Dress

Not so much concerned with the wearable factor, Thom browne is known for his quirkly approach to silhouttes and embellishments. This was seen on Browne’s final runway piece for his 2009 summer show.

3. Techie Cowgirl

Techie Cowgirl

Not really aware of what she is wearing, the dress created havoc on the fashion floor this january.

2. Dummy Suit

Dummy Suit

Look what we have here, designers get weirder by the day; meet trends that will –hopefully– never leave the catwalk. the girl wears a dummy and applauses the audience in Dubai Fashion Week 2009.

1. The Condom Dress

The Condom DressThe Condom Dress

The XVI International Aids Conference has just wrapped up in Toronto and a visual highlight for delegates were ten of Adriana Bertini’s condom dresses. The Brazilian artist started creating fashions out of condoms to highlight the need to look at the prophylactics as basics, so that we would don them as easily as a pair of jeans. Some of her dresses use thousands of condoms; one wedding dress took almost 80,000 (and to think, some people hesitate over using just one!). The condoms that Bertini uses are either defective or past their best by date.

Any thoughts?

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