South Africa bent on achieving ‘world-class’ status, through ‘fashion tourism’

South African Tourism CEO, Thandiwe January Mac-Clean, says;

We are committed to promoting ‘fashion tourism’ as yet another of the many reasons for visiting our country and to promoting our established designers and exciting young talent and helping to expose their work to a global audience.

This was in-line with their partnership with African Fashion International, to promote and support the concept of ‘fashion tourism’. I think it’s great, that Africans are finally recognizing and making efforts to improve in all aspects of our lives and culture. hi5 to all Africans! (including me!)

What got me excited, is the fact that, Paul Leisegang, AFI Managing Director, also believes in “packaging our local design talent in an inspiring way that is made easily accessible to the international market, to stakeholders who can make the meaningful connection between our talent and the endless opportunities that exist through globalization”.

There is definitely more to look forward to, from South Africa this year:
  • Joburg Fashion Week (JFW)                          15TH–19th  February
  • International Travel Expo                              March
  • Cape Town Fashion Week (CTFW)                  June/July
  • International Fashion Show                           September
  • African Fashion Week (AFW)                          October
  • Africa Fashion Awards                                   October

2 thoughts on “South Africa bent on achieving ‘world-class’ status, through ‘fashion tourism’

  1. ‘Fashion Tourism’. A statement sounding meaningless but a great concept?

    Many Africans (merchants in particular) have toured the globe in search of clothing to sell on the African market. Today, the jeans, the suite, the tie and many other “western” fashion tendencies are found on the black continent.

    I think one of the indicators of uniform globalisation would be to find Africa-designed clothing at a common New York/Tokyo/London etc based shop.

    Yes, fashion tourism can enhance that.


    • Would African fashion ever get to that stage of ‘uniform globalization’? I’m just wondering. Really, I think what Africans need to do, especially, African designers, is to unleash their talents without fear. Think of no limits and just be consistent and persistent. We hope for a brighter fashion future!


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