Once again, I hovered around my favorite fashion site; Shadders to find out what her picks for the day was. ‘HOUSE OF ABEYTU’!! Well, this is my first encounter with this label and the designs?? Very simple and classy! The key words are simple and classy. Really really simple! Okay, I don’t know how else to express how simple the designs are…maybe the images would do just that! The best part of it is, the designs are basically in African prints. Things are happening

House of Abeytu – “Allow Yourself To Be Fabulous”

The international label HOUSE OF ABEYTU (pronounced House of Abee-Tu) is bringing the world of African prints and fabrics to the Western world in a way never done before. Model Dorothy Tenkorang and Designer Sarah Ekundayo have fused their passion for fashion together to create a brand for the modern fashion conscious woman.

House of Abeytu is turning beauty on its head and making an impact on the fashion scene by successfully demonstrating their unique approach to Avant Garde and Ready To Wear pieces. A fusion of fun, classic, stylish pieces for the modern woman who is ready to take on the world and embrace “fabulosity”. The word ABEYTU itself is an anagram from the word BEAUTY

… House Of Abeytu… Allow yourself to be fabulous

Well done Dorothy, love the styling and the way the whole collections comes together, looking forward to more exciting designs from HOUSE OF ABEYTU!!!!!! This is a brand to be aware off guys……..i believe they have more in store for us in 2011

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