I never run out of surprise, when I read all the floating news head lines. Something struck me, some few minutes ago, as I read about a site dedicated to relaxing the human mind, by doing nothing, for 2 minutes. Okay so ‘ do nothing for two minutes’ I read on, and realized that, the man behind this whole move, Tew, thought on a daily basis, we(IT inclined humans) over-burden our minds with too many things. Sites telling you to click here for this, go here for that, and bla bla bla. So his idea; just relax and do nothing, for 2 minutes!

Interesting how everyone is constantly thinking of a-ground-breaking idea, inventing something totally new, coming up with fresh and authentic solutions…I’ve been thinking too. Have you?

…Just so I know what the truth is, I visited the site ‘do nothing for two minutes’ and I was advised not to touch my mouse or keypad. Then I stared blankly at my computer screen, my mind went on a spin…on about all the stuff I have to do, the people I need to meet, that food I so badly need to consume. Then I playfully tapped my touch-pad, and FAILED! I failed the test (doing nothing for two minutes) I would have failed it anyways. I’m somewhat of a fidget.

No idea is crazy in this century, you’ll be so wrong to dismiss anything that crops up your head…I wonder what next!


Any thoughts?

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