Tomboy fashion 2011


Tomboy style is really evolving these days and yea, very much in vogue. S I did some checking around for those girls, who just don’t fancy the flurry flowing skirts and dresses, and came up with some beautiful tips ..

Haircuts: short stylish hair cuts work great for tomboys. Apart from suiting your face, Short hair cuts is really all about personal style and ‘taste’. (Tip for short hair cuts: Its helpful sometimes to try out your intended hair cut, with a virtual make over gadget)

Pantalons (as I like to call them): for tomboys, this usually vary from straight loose jeans, short shorts, hippy-tight jeans, skinny jeans (usually fits with slightly loose  tops, with a feminine touch and loads of other varieties of shirts)

Boots: are an important aspect for a stylish tomboy. They don’t particularly have to be pricey, just simple but classy  and plus, the attitude adds up to it.

this is a collection of some of my favorite converse

And hey, forget not the accessories! It would be a perfect match, for tomboys or tomboys-wanna-be’s to try flat bold earrings, instead of the usual dangling and loopy earrings. Belts, bags (it’s kinda weird to dress up as tomboy and have a handbag on your arm), caps, etc…all compliment the tomboying process. You’ll be careful to choose wisely and stylishly (of course)




5 thoughts on “Tomboy fashion 2011

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  2. I love this post! I have always been a total tomboy and have recently started thinking about glamming it up a bit. But I’ve been intimidated, and not knowing where to start. This should help! Thanks!


    • Tomboys rock, never be intimidated. I’ve never really got hooked-up on tomboy but occasionally, I find myself there. I would rather be a fashionable tomboy 😉 Nice to know this article might help!


  3. thank you for coming with this post:) it makes me feel better. the majority of my closet are a few dress(my mom HAD to get them for me-only wear them when necessary), 1 skirt, lots of jeans, and the main colors in my closet are black and blue. thank you again;D


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