Buying grades does not end there

hahaha…I seem to laugh non-stop these days about everything but really, it’s amazing how things work best, nowadays, upside-down . You don’t only have to buy grades (whether bought by kids, parents, or both efforts) you’ll also have to do some follow ups…to make sure, the service paid for, has been provided, well…and in this case, it doesn’t look good…

(thankfully for this lazy-small-boy student) The GOOD OLD DAYS, are stuck…in those Good Old Days

4 thoughts on “Buying grades does not end there

    • There’s this man (can’t specify, u never know who’s reading this and plus…i value my grades ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) He’s in one of our Departments but takes level 400. He gives grades; each grade has its own price


  1. Such a shame to think that grades can be bought! I guess the more money you have, the easier life is- even in school! One of the few places one might have thought to be an even playing field.


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