Explored: Teshie

I had to travel from Accra to Cape Coast today; along the way, I laughed at the names of some towns and villages I came accros. Some sounded like food, poison…I entertained myself a great deal. Then, something clicked; about where I stay; Teshie (in the Greater Accra Region). Some of the sub-towns have very interesting names: Laskala, Maame, Yomo-specs, Agbeleza, Tebebiano, Rasta Manhean, Teshie Demo (where I live presently), Anomantu. My list would have been longer, if I visited the DCE’s office.

But hey, that isn’t all…it wasn’t just about the names. For the first time in my 3-year stay in Teshie, I was curious to know more about the town, do a little exploration (for no reason at all, the Ga culture  has never fascinated me). I went through the files on my PC and dug up some pictures, and burrowed some from the internet, to describe the town and the people in it (below&above).

I’m getting to understand that, there is more to Teshie than meets the eye. The main occupation of the people, however, is fishing. Most of the folks are illiterate but that doesn’t temper with their sense of beauty anyway. The picture of the crab-like artifact(in the second collage), is the handiwork of Paa Solo a coffin maker, in Teshie. Their language; Ga & foods, kenkey and kpakpo shito with fish 😉 and yea, they celebrate the Homowo festival (images in the first collage). In Teshie Demo, where I live, ‘organic solidarity‘ is at its peak, with ‘somebody meddling in someone’s business’, as a ‘sign’ of concern and care (I hate that aspect very much 😦 )

There are so many developmental projects taking place, especially in relation to road construction. Recently the Lekma hospital, was unveiled (building at the top-most part of the first collage). I’ll do some more research and fill you in. In the meantime, I’m enjoying my latest ‘operation-discover-teshie-and-stop-being-a-hatter’!! More to Teshie

view map: Teshie



3 thoughts on “Explored: Teshie

    • Oh yea!! That’s a coffin. It’s a tradition in Teshie that developed over time. I have some other amazing pictures you won’t believe! I would post them…reassurance..there u go 😉


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