HARMATTAN COLLECTIONS…a glimpse of the future

HARMATTAN COLLECTIONS…a glimpse of the future

Harmattan Collections, by Ghanaian Ewuresi, has set out to ‘rock’ Africa, with their hot-spicy, stylish designs. The fashion house has a wide variety of exotic designs… beautiful purses, handbags, earrings, beads, necklaces,ย  clothes…and more. A glimpse…

The Fashion house, has promised to deliver only authentic and undiluted designs. It deals in Image consultancy, delivering custom made clothes and attires for occasions. It’s really a simple thing, all you need to do, If your busy schedule would keep you at your desk, is to pick up a phone, call, place your orders (two weeks ahead) and viola!! There you are…!! No stress…they will do all the planning.

visit album for more photos
more info: Harmattan Collections
Contact Harmattan Collections: Ewuresi
image courtsey: Harmattan Collections

2 thoughts on “HARMATTAN COLLECTIONS…a glimpse of the future

  1. Interesting dressing combination and customer service. Any idea if the models are Ghanaian? Their beauty seem to hide the designer’s work.


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