Better Ghana Agenda: Re-branding tools

I used to think, growing up, and watching all the Hollywood movies, that America was the best place to live. One day, a black friend in Michigan, told me there are loads of poor places in America. My narrow mind had to find out, so I did an online search, and I discovered that, yea, indeed there were poor cities in America! The level of poverty in such cities, is judged by per capita income, in relation to their population and bla bla bla. So I asked myself, ‘why haven’t I ever thought of that possibility??’ The Hollywood movies and the Sweet Valley High books I used to read! That answered it. The point of this whole comparison?? Movies, blogs, music, etc…these intricate aspects, are easily neglected, but then, sometimes, they are the reference point, for people, to judge places and even make decisions!!

People outside Ghana, would derive their perception of Ghana, from materials they happen to stumble upon over the internet; our Ghanaian blogs, websites and articles about us. It’s a large branding and re-branding tool; the internet. We’re judged by the cover, always…and the cover better be good ๐Ÿ˜‰

(Extra hyping doesn’t sound like a bad idea :P) Maybe it’s not too late for Uncle Fii to re-visit his Better Ghana Agenda ๐Ÿ˜‰

2 thoughts on “Better Ghana Agenda: Re-branding tools

  1. this is an awesome post! it brought tears to my eyes to think of people being able re-brand by using the internet! and in fact, it already started working for me. i am an american, and i know nothing about ghana. this blog will offer me a daily glimpse into your life- the life of a ghanaian! yay!
    i found your blog by your blogging buddy post on the daily post. i am also trying to blog daily. on my blog, i look at daily painters and choose my favorite painting. i hope you’ll be my buddy!


  2. Hey Rosa! Well I’m excited. Firstly, because you read my blog and left a comment and secondly because u agree with the whole idea of re-branding through the internet. I checked on your blog and I love the paintings u pick. I have very limited knowledge on ‘paint appreciation’ but hey, I have a good eye for beauty ;)and I think your picks are great.

    I’ll love to be your buddy…!share ideas…and challenge ourselves. Cheers to us, the newest blog buddies ๐Ÿ˜‰


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