Ghana’s crude oil

Okay, so I hear it in the news, that the price of petroleum has been increased by 30%. It’s gone in a flash…and my mind discards it. Two days later, I jump into a troski, and I hear two men arguing furiously
na the oil has to help Ghana first! Look at the roads”  bla bla bla…once again, I discard it.
Then I stretch out to pay the usual 30Ghp to 37 trotro station and the mate says “please it’s left with 30”
what??? Crude oil turned rude!! (For most optimistic Ghanaians who thought there would be more subsidies) For the prophets of doom, satisfaction is on the way.

There should be an in-depth analysis to this whole thing instead of ‘doing surface arguments’. 60Ghp!

more reads: African Review Ghanaweb Myjoyolnine Accra Daily

*mate – in Ghana, helps the driver*

Any thoughts?

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