Where do they go?

Day 1 of being a web-a-holic.

I get back from lectures and I tell myself, I’m starting the learning process today. So I grab a modem, slot it into my PC and the browsing spree is on. I try to convince myself I know exactly where to go. After twenty minutes, I was stuck with social network sites, my mail, news, my favorite download and xxx site 😉

So where the heck do these internet freaks go? So I decide to type weird names into the google search columns and just like ‘reaping what you sow’ I got weird sites too. 

Ok…this is my first day on the job and I can’t find an ‘internet-freak-like’ website to play around with?…searching searching…aha! I finally pick up something! It’s about this guy, Mr. Cheo, who has decided to make money for himself by connecting bloggers with advertisers. It’s a simple but great idea even though he describes it as not one of the ‘big bang ideas’. He started this business in Asia and has successfully expanded it to Malaysia, the Philippines and Australia.

Whichever way, more ideas are about blogging are sprouting up each day in diverse way. Good thing I wanna be an internet freak. I get to learn more 🙂

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