Energy in, Energy out

the weight gain weight loss argument

the weight gain weight loss argument

The no-go-area: ‘losing weight‘. Trust me, 101 solutions exist, to ‘throwing off fat‘ in a few seconds. muscle vibrators, tissue teasers, sweat induction gadgets… But what makes someone fat and the other slim. Aside genetic and biological issues, there’s a simply theory explaining difference in body sizes. ‘The energy theory’; which states that, the amount of energy used, if not equal or greater than the food intake (energy input), fat accumulation in the body, is a definite thing.
It’s funny how the body chooses to work sometimes. you would be amazed to know that, no matter the nature of food you eat, fibrous food, carbohydrates, proteins, etc, all ends up as fat in the body, if eaten in excess.
The way out?? If that extra fold of skin of the tummy or that huge thigh that can barely be aerated, disgusts you, then you’ve got to work it! Exercise (physically – no misinterpretation); walking, using the staircase, jogging, bicycling, anything to keep you active and oh, there’s a HUGE difference between HUNGER and APPETITE ๐Ÿ˜‰

Any thoughts?

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