These harsh words were thrown in the face of some innocent looking first year students of some Senior High Schools (name withheld, they always do that).

“We’re in a modern world! Bring a ‘cute’ suitcase and forget about trunks* and chopboxes*…the better Ghana agenda remember??”

In a bid to use the little available space for accommodation, due to the sudden four- year system for Senior High School, headmasters and headmistress are ‘going off’. While intellectual continually debate on the Political motives of the four -year system, students are wondering


how school would be like without chopbox and trunks!!

I sympathize……

Some decisions are better taken at dawn…if you ask me.

*trunk – metallic, rectangular – shaped object used by most Ghanaian students (especially high school students), to keep their clothes and goodies.

*Chopbox – a wooden version of trunk and more squared.

Any thoughts?

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