[A Ghanaian Guide to Personal Well – Being]
By: Prof. Lade Wosornu

I’ve never been the ‘health obsessed’ kind of person. I’m conscious of my health, yes, but find it boring reading all about health do’s and don’ts and plus, they are very confusing at times.

Days ago, after the Ghana Association of Writers (GAW) meeting, I was thinking things through, when Prof. Lade Wosornu popped up to engage me in an insightful conversation. He gave me a book, WELCOME TO WELLNESS. Urrrg! One of those health stuff. I thanked him and took my ‘treasure’ home.

Today’s a ‘little over a week’ since…I picked up the book, flipped through, started reading, continued reading, and read it till the end!! I realized there were so many basic health concepts I was ignorant of. My review: the language was truly Ghanaian and artistic, easy to understand (no scary health slang) and the illustrations added life to the book. It was absolutely revealing! I wish I could reproduce this book on my blog, but of course, that would see me ‘behind the bars’. In my next blog post, we’ll take a little peep into the book…I mean it.

NB: He’s not paid me to advertise his book. I just find it useful, and I hope you do, when you finally read it.

3 thoughts on “WELCOME TO WELLNESS

  1. I care about my health and like keeping up with health issues and stuff. I won’t say i am obsessed with it, but it is difficult to find a book that addresses healthy eating taking into account Ghanaian cuisine. If the book addresses health in the Ghanaian contest taking into account the kinds of food we commonly eat, i will get a copy of it.
    Can’t wait for the peep.


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