My Review:

NAKED FACES 1&2, one movie with no theme, isolated episodes, poor grammar, no story – line, zero creativity, no emotional display, highly confusing!!! And oh, irritating too!!. When I tell my friends I hardly watch Ghanaian movies, they go on with their ‘be patriotic. Show you’re a Ghanaian. Learn to love Ghanaian stuff.’ Yea right! At the expense of a heart attack, or an epic anger ‘syndrome’ (then I would have to go for anger management) and destroying the language I’m trying so hard to build, English! The movie is outright disgusting! One advice;

The best movies are those which are painstakingly produced with  QUALITY in mind, to perforate the loop holes others are blinded to! What a boring movie!

NAKED FACES 1&2 (one of the recent Ghanaian movies, produced by Osofo Films, starring Majid Michel, Ekow Smith and Prince David)

2 thoughts on “A MISTAKE??

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