‘How old are you?’ MD asks                                               

‘Oh, 34!’

‘Good. But what’s your real age??’

’72, Sa !!’


The adoption of official age has become increasingly popular in Gh. The official age is meant to make the bearer work longer and stay richer, whiles the normal or real age is shared among ‘trusted, close’ relatives and ‘mistresses’. Hmm…I’m tempted to say so many ‘other’ things but truth first ;-): Mr. A and B are twins, who landed in different jobs for whatever reason (maybe difference in IQ.lol) Mr. A retires as expected in Gh, at 50, whiles Mr. B, has about eight more years to retire at 50!! Difference? Official age and normal age! duh? The scary bit of it is, when your life’s at risk! I worked at a bank for a couple of months and the bank’s driver had me getting all so religious. ‘Cos every time we had to travel a long distance, I’ll go on my knees and ask the ‘big man upstairs’ for mercy. This man was FABULOUSLY OLD!! He had to practically lean on the steering wheel to figure out which part of the road he’s on. His sight was bad! And how else do you drive without your eyes!! With your imagination???

Maybe it’s high time Uncle Fii, hammers some VOLUNTARY or REAL retirement, into his crawling better Ghana agenda! Arrrrrrrgh!



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