My quest for money took me to the only popular spot for all hunters…like me. Across the streets, my long legs took me rapidly to the heart of the University of Ghana, where a great bunch of strange ‘men’ stood. I took a closer look and oh, they were not strange at all. The confusion on their faces, as they innocently looked around their surroundings, each trying to push up the little confidence left in their veins, was absolutely obvious! Holding maps, some poor fellows still couldn’t make out where to go. A few cheery ones were laughing their worries away as a group of droopy looking gurls talked endlessly. Well, I didn’t pause; I walked on smiling, chest out, to show the difference. Too good I’m not a fresher!! My smile spoke, and they heard, and I walked, still smiling.

3 thoughts on “LEGON FRESHMEN!!

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