‘Item Thirteen’ for all gender

The biggest attraction for any social gathering in Ghana is ‘Item Thirteen’!!! It’s simply ‘a bait (the food) to get lazy humans (I mean reluctant chicken and pastry hunters) to attend an event!’ Just a few ‘Item Thirteens’ I think everyone afford. (Now you can stop attending those weddings because of the chicken and eat right)

Remember this saying? ‘Eat like a King in the morning, a Prince in the afternoon and Pauper at night!’ whoever propounded that, must have had some real good background in ‘family long-suffering’ (families which have less to feed on) and ‘lineage struggle’. Read on…a few suggestions which would leave you completely feeling good and hey, they are fabulous 😉

Morning: hunt for a bowl of porridge anywhere near your abode. You didn’t find it? Great! Get yourself some oats and cook it up! If you’re not a breakfast-eater, I’m afraid you’ll have to revise your eating habit because breakfast is that one important thing you need, if you want to have a clear head and stay off trouble during the day.

Afternoon: Local dishes are great! I have no style when it comes to food but I know just what kinda food makes me happy (Of course, your food must make you happy!) Instead of the usual fries and liquids (Ghanaians call snacks) You can have some serious wakye or  tuo- zafi and ayoyo soup. What about some wild kenkey&kpakpo shito with some neat keta school boys? hmm…yummy yum…One clue! You could get some agbeli kaklo as a starter (especially if you’re broke! ‘cos is made with gari, you get full so quickly that you may spend less on your lunch) and a desert? Bisap (a local drink made out of some leafs. It taste great) would be perfect!

Evening: Night eaters are always carrying the evidence…big bellies! ‘Be ye not among them’(Amen).  In the evenings, I eat very little…but if you want to avoid that pot-belly, cut down on eating  too much fatty foods at night, foods that take so long to digest and sweets! Eating more of fibrous foods and fruits, would be beneficial!

P.S: of course, those of you who can’t stay off chicken, get some chicken but throw the skin away! Now that you can create and personalize your ‘Item Thirteen’, please go to social gatherings with a ‘CLEAN HEART’ looooooooooool!!

Any thoughts?

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