If there’s one phrase to describe MTN(Ghana), it would be ‘annoyingly irresistible!’

Sensing a big gap in the communication pit in Ghana, it came in. (Wise decisions) Then Ghanaians were overwhelmed. A new service provider apart from the ones they were used to, great! Ghanaian thought (and it was…i agree)

Free night calls
splendid adverts
candid give aways
more dashes,
no more flashes

Ghanaians knew MTN was the long awaited dream.

A few years down the line, and MTN has earned another name. A name other than what they carved for themselves (Most Terrible Network) is no secret with Ghanaians. But why should Ghanaians suddenly turn back on their first love?

MTN Zone was introduced, just in time to save their image (at least that what they thought) But once again, just like *every other one* of their products, it backfired.

Now all you’ve got to do is ask someone: ‘charle do u have percentage?’
and the person replies: ‘the screen saver’s on..50% but i know it go be like 5%’

Let MTN pretend it does not know how much complains Ghanaians are carrying on their heads..let MTN capitalize on the frustrations of switching to a different ‘network’ and continue to introduce ‘self-centered’ products.

Just one advice: “if the clouds be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth” (Ecclesiastes 11:3)

I don’t think i fancy the idea of being held captive in a ‘small stinky place’ named prison for tarnishing the image of an ‘ever growing’ communication service provider! I love my freedom! I PAUSE here! There’s a long list of complains but hey, in terms of trouble, I would dance to the music alone! Let each crab carry his own head!!

MTN lovers, think about a way of getting value for money!!
MTN, you know best what to do!

P.S this is a constructive criticism and you know what all criticisms do…
(Best to be on the safer side..lol)


  1. I unsubscribed myself from that service and i don’t participate in any promos and the like. My thing is if they want to give me something, my buying of units should be my ticket to winning not the sending of a text message with carries with extreme changes. I leave that to those who can afford to blow away 500 Ghana cedis to get a car 2000 Ghana cedis or more. Enough of the cheating and clever tactics to get us to part with credits, MTN, give us better services for the expensive, mediocre services you are providing now and stop with these antics. You do deserve the name MTN(Most Terrible Network), and that is everywhere you go.


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