I’m a ‘seriously down to earth person’ and (for this article, very tall 5’10). But that’s no reason I wrote this article. Look through a lady’s wardrobe and there’s one thing you won’t miss…a high heel! Even if it’s just 2.5cm! Just like all other things, most women don’t even know why they wear high heels, or even find them attractive. What every lady should know about heels…

niddles..for heels


“Scientists at Manchester Metropolitan University, in northern England, found continued wear of high heels caused the Achilles’ tendon to thicken and stiffen permanently, so calf muscles were forced to stretch painfully when switching to flat shoes.

In the study, published in the Journal of Experimental Biology, two groups of women aged between 20 to 50 years were tested. One group regularly wore high heels of two inches or more for two or more years, while the other group had always wore flats.

The high heel wearers, who complained of discomfort when they switched to flats, were found to have muscle fibers 13 percent shorter than the women in flats.

If you wear high heels for two years or more, five times a week, the muscle fibers will become shorter and tendons will thicken and stiffen. This has an immediate effect in restricting ankle movement and impacts your ability to walk fast and run — both in heels and flats.”


The history of high heels can actually be traced back to Egypt, 3500BC, where murals on walls show upper class citizens wearing heels for ceremonial purposes, as well as Egyptian butchers wearing them to help them walk through the blood of dead animals

However, it wasn’t until the 16th century when it is claimed that high heels were properly invented. It was in 1533, when Catherine de Medici decided to wear heels on her wedding day to Henry II, a Duke and the future King of France. She was 14 and quite short (not more than 5 foot), so asked a cobbler to make her shoes that would make her appear much taller on her wedding day.

Apparently, she wasn’t really a beauty and her husband had a tall and really pretty mistress. She wanted to dazzle the French on her wedding day, so opted for 2 inch heels to make her appear slightly taller, and appear to have a more towering physique. It is claimed that she is the original inventor of the high heel, and she did set the rage in Paris for heeled shoes.

(Um…sorry but I have to shove junk of that information…)

But it wasn’t until the roaring twenties, that the heel regained its full glory again. Hemlines became much shorter, and this encouraged very high and slender heels.
Both the 30’s and 40’s were tough times, so the heel became more moderate, with lower and wider heels. At the same time, though, Hollywood gave the heel a new edge, with many actresses wearing sparkly and glittery heels, which challenged the traditional French heel.

The 50’s and 60’s saw a revival of really high heels. Christian Dior kindly invented the stiletto for us. He collaborated with designer Roger Vivier to develop a low-cut ‘Louis’ shoe, with a narrow heel. Interesting fact: Stiletto in Italian means small dagger, with a slender, tapering blade.
Then, with the creation of the miniskirt in the 60’s (my second favorite decade), heeled boots were made, to enhance the look of bare legs.


  • they can cause foot pain
  • they increase likelihood of sprains and fractures
  • they make calves look more rigid and sinewy
  • they can create foot deformities, including hammertoes and bunions
  • they can cause an unsteady gait
  • they can shorten the wearer’s stride
  • they can render the wearer unable to run
  • altered forces at the knee caused by walking in high-heels may predispose to degenerative changes in the knee-joint
  • Women who wear high heels frequently have a higher incidence of degenerative joint disease of the knees. This is because they cause a decrease in the normal rotation of the foot which puts more rotation stress on the knee


Why do women wear heels so high they can barely walk in them? It’s one of many questions that men can’t seem to figure out…even though THEY are one of the reasons.

Heels look sexy at times but it’s a punishment, really. Most women slouch when walking and grab the least chance to take them off (out of the site of men, of course) Women just wanna keep up with latest trend of fashion and that’s the only reason a woman would wear heels!


But most Ghanaian ladies have adopted a ‘Ghanaian way’ of wearing heels. ‘Working class’ ladies wear heels to the office and in the course of the day, wear slippers. At church, whiles the pastor’s preaching…most women are feeling comfortable in their slippers. After the sermon, boom! Back to the heel business…!! College isn’t any different. Heels keep the lecture halls lively! The last time I went to the salon, I saw so many heels outside with their owners inside and wearing slippers!! Why? wearing high heels be force?? So many wobbling legs crowd my view these days all because Ghanaian ladies too want to be ‘high fashioned’!

Ghanaian flavour..why not

Ladies…be true and do your thing! Be yourselves and trash that heel!!

(Again…It’s not ‘cos I’m tall…;-))

Any thoughts?

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