Just before U DIE..!!

even Octopus Paul can't resist his looks..

even Octopus Paul can't resist Alan's looks..

A Letter To the Most Revered Octopus Paul..

Hello Mr,

Your fame and intelligence, has spread wide and far. And has aroused the interest of power-hungry individuals in my country.

Recently, I had my quiet time and realized that, what my hungry politicians need, is divine revelation. Pardon me, Mr. Paul, if I speak in too many biblical terms. That is the only way I know

As I was saying, in a few months, a political party called NPP, would be deciding who to make the presidential candidate. So I thought it wise to seek your opinion on this issue. Let me briefly expose you to the potential presidential candidates

‘woy3 woy3r3’ his name is Nana Akuffu Addo…I usually avoid describing his physique but I can’t deny you that pleasure, honorable Octopus Paul.

this finger could be pointing at me, if i go to farrrrrr..

this finger could be pointing at me, if i go too faaaaaaarr..

He is SHORT, round headed and eyed as well. And from the size of his head, he’s a very intelligent individual. Some say ‘he nearly escaped dwarfism’ but I think it’s a gross exaggeration. I can’t deny however, that he has a huge and brilliant opportunity to be ‘bow legged’ Mr. Paul, please don’t let me inquire the wrath of the politicians of my land. Let me stop here…abruptly

The next on the list is popularly known as ‘Alan Cash’ from his name, he grows cash from all ‘four corners of his mouth’(imagine a mouth with four crners…heheheee.) He’s a very kind man. Wherever he passes, cash flows. If he should be president…Alan Cash

the ladies man

the ladies man

is ‘the ladies man’ of the NPP. Is there more to his looks? I’m not sure. His cash is more important to the people of my land.

Octopus, I hear you’ll be dying very soon since you can’t live more than two full years!! Well that’s pathetic!! But you would die..hehehee. But before you die, you have to finish this important task: selecting the presidential candidate in the NPP, for the year, 2012. It’s a task worth considering. You know why? Ghanaians don’t really love ‘designer octopus’ so they would help you live longer. How does that sound? Good huh?

There is more to my petition but please let me hear from you soon.

From a concerned citizen



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