Have you ever thought of quitting facebook?? This thought never occurred to me till I came across one site which had a whole essay on why people should quit facebook and ban facebook completely form the earth!! It was one of the harshest things I’d ever come across. Some of the reasons the site stated was that, most users of facebook are internet illiterate and sometimes in opening an application, malicious hungry money makers, would create viruses in forms of application and when these illiterate facebookers open an application, they end up with a Trojan horse (a very deadly virus, look it up) which makes a second party control their pc forever!! (hehehee…it’s not funny, at least there’s a lot of truth in Zit. But tell me which social network is not prone to these dangers?? I’m not advocating for facebook. I’m rather being very realistic.) Another reason was privacy issues…facebook doesn’t guarantee privacy (my opinion on that issue, I keep to myself).

After reading these things…I decided to ask people what they thought about leaving facebook for good!!and the replies were…emmm..just read for yourself

Tracy: Why should I leave? Sake of some blasted people!! (

Andy: chale this one their ebe choice…if you want left, then you left.

Owner: everlasting fire burn them a assess!!

Courage: I’m a proud facebooker!

Annie: come to think of it, it will come to a time that facebook will be no more.

Salim: as for me di33 anything goes

Esi: facebook facebook! You people are making noise. I’m not even on facebook!

Cece: That’s where I got hooked up… abi u know. I had my guy from facebook.

Antie Lizzy: 3h3!! Yes they have to close the place…even I don’t know if it’s in osu or somewhere. But everytime my small small children go there. (don’t think I’ll ask any adult)

Fred: if I get tired, I’ll just quit but until then…

Then I asked myself again, will I ever quit facebook..??


Any thoughts?

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