I’ve got no beef with Exopa Boss…but I don’t understand why this whole issue is dragging

Exopa Boss, Ibrahim Sima, who was arrested a couple of months ago, has appeared before court for the second time. Well this time round, he didn’t waste time in narrating a ‘tall tale’ of what made him ‘confess to stuffing his yams with cocaine’. (I didn’t say a tall tale because it’s false, I only said so ‘cos the explanation was really ‘tall’) Ibrahim Sima narrated previous encounters with CEPS officials across the Aflao – Lome border. In his final analysis, he made it clear that, he was innocent and earlier confessed to stuffing those yams, just to escape harsh treatment from the security personnel. (I reserve my comment on this) You know what I found more intriguing, Mr. Ibrahim Sima said, during the inspection made by some security personnel, he noticed that, some of his bread has been eaten!! (well I don’t blame whoever ate it…he sure must have been hungry ;-))

Once again, the court has adjourned the case till July 12, 2010.

In my own ‘deepest thoughts’ this whole cocaine issue might end silently with Ibrahim back to running his Exopa. One thing I’ve been wondering about, is whether Exopa (Ghana’s largest model agency) would still operate as it used to.

Exopa has been running a modeling school for a period of time now. Many Exopa models, continually show their undying love and support for their boss. If I were a model at Exopa with intentions of taking modeling seriously, I would look elsewhere. Come to think of it, so many model agencies have sprung up out of nowhere. In Accra for instance, there are more than twenty model agencies (I’m not guessing). Some operate even without license but then there is always a young lady or man, ready to sign up. It leaves me in a fix as to what the future of modeling industry is going to look like

My Favorite Model of the week

barbeii Minaj in action..

Her name is Ely Barbeii Minaj. I stumbled on her during one of my numerous browsing escapades. I just know there’s something special about her. She stepped into the industry barely a month ago and is ready to shake the country with her flattering pictures. She is real good in front of the camera (one look at her pictures and you would understand!)She’s currently with Star Model Agency (I know you haven’t heard of that) Just be on the watch out for her!!  A great talent…

ready for the task ahead...

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